Ray’s unique atmosphere makes for a better overall dining experience.

 Why go to the same old restaurants? Ray’s Deli and Grill offers a very unique casual dining experience. With its Old West Mountain theme, custom booths and wagon wheel chandeliers, Ray’s offers a new fresh relaxing place to enjoy your meal.

The Willems family moved from Montana to Florida 25 years ago. But like Ray say’s “you can take the boy out of the mountains, but you cannot take the mountains out of the boy”. And we would like to share a little of that Old Mountain West with you.



Why settle for a disappointing meal just because you want it fast.

The General consensus is there are basically two types of restaurants. Fast food restaurants, sacrificing quality for speed. They cook your food ahead of time and keep it in warmers so they can get their food out fast. And sit down made to order restaurants that in general offer a better quality food experience but tend to take much longer. Ray’s Deli and Grill offers a much better alternative. We have combined the best of both worlds. Ray’s offers fresh made to order,  hand partied burgers, chicken, subs, sandwiches, wraps and salads, but much faster than your ordinary sit down restaurant. Ray’s strives to have you your fresh, made to order food delivered to your table in less than 10 minutes from the time you leave the counter and they average an amazing time of 5-6 minutes. Ray’s knows your time is valuable and we do not think you should have to be satisfied with a sub-par meal in order to have it quickly. Our service is stellar and our food is even better!



Fresh is better.

At Ray’s we strive to serve you the freshest food possible. We have our produce brought in fresh daily, our burgers are never frozen and we hand patty them ourselves. Our deli meats and cheeses are of the finest quality and we slice them in our kitchen fresh daily. But we do not stop there, we also bake our own sub rolls and buns in order serve you the freshest bread possible. Our desserts are all homemade using only the freshest ingredients and we believe they are the best desserts you can buy. Don’t believe us? Come try it for yourselves. Fresh is just better, PERIOD!