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“By the piece, scoop or pound”.


Ray’s Candy Barrel is a child’s dream come true. It will have barrels filled to the brim with sweets in all shapes and sizes. Adults can enjoy a trip down memory lane and the old-fashioned hospitality of Ray’s Candy Barrel store.

Unlike most self service candy stores today we will offer one of personal service. As in days gone by we will personally wait on you whether it be for one piece or for one pound of candy. At times the selection may seem to be overwhelming but we think you will manage to fill your bags with savory treats. Adults will be delighted to find many of the Old Fashioned candies they remember as children.

Pleasant memories will be formed as your children run from barrel to barrel. You will reminisce about riding your bikes to the store or coming for a family outing.

You will be able to brighten a birthday by choosing from our pre-packaged party favor bags in many styles and sizes, tided with ribbon. Or select your own candy favorites. You may prefer to bring the party to the store. Children get to pick the treats for their own goodie bags. Schools may opt to visit when returning from fieldtrips for a perfect ending to their day.

The store will boast cases filled with chocolates and truffles one can appreciate. Our chocolates will be mostly all hand-dipped. In increasing demand, we will also offer sugar free chocolates and other sugar free products.

Don’t worry, we did not forget the fudge, which will be the creamiest, most delectable you could ever imagine. We will also have sugar free fudge.

Jelly beans (including Jelly Belly’s) galore in many flavors will tempt the taste buds.

Yes, a trip to Ray’s Candy Barrel is just what you will need for a pleasant outing. Create your own memories that will last for a lifetime.

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